Low Voltage labels


Our distributors in the USA and Canada will print your labels for you for a small fee.

Cable Labels


Our TCL-49 cable labels are made to hold the print better than another cable labels on the market today. 

Data Jack Labels


Adhesive data jack labels which hold the printed text for better identification, use on 79% of all data jacks.

Peel and Stick Service


Our peel and stick cable label printing service can  save you over 100% on your handheld label printing by your technicians  on site.

Reduce the time you spend producing cable labels and we send site ready to your technicians.

Part numbers hold the key


Simple but effective to help all our user's, the part number hold the number of labels on that sheet. Simple, but very helpful.

Fiber Cable labels


Our Optical fiber tags TCL-FB-36 labels use a simple and innovative  design and can be printed on any standard office laser printer. Our own  Technicians use these fiber labels in every project.