Modern and New


One of the main components of the solution is the labels, Self-Laminating, Wrap-Round Style cable labels. These  cable labels are designed to wrap around the cable, laminating  themselves as they are applied to create a durable, easy-to-read cable  label. They  are designed for printing on a laser printer, the top third of our  cable labels being the print area, and the bottom two-thirds of our  cable labels are clear polyester, which over-laminates the printed part  once, applied.


Innervation in Cable Labels

 Our new TCL 49 cable labels are getting  great results and when cable labels have never changed for 20 years, now  we have a new design and all the Technicians that use them find out  they are the best ever used. 


These cable labels also have two tails that make sure the last two edges of the adhesive part never come off.

In  structured wiring, these labels have been working out great with our  own technicians and many of the new customers who have started using the  TCL-49 cable labels.


Modern New data Jack labels

We have a wide range of adhesive and non-adhesive labels for data  jack labels. All supplied on US Letter sheets for laser printing.

Our  adhesive data jack or outlet labels will fit most standard data  communications data jack and modules. If the data jack comes with a  card insert, just stick it right on that or direct on the data jack.